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Future Proof Your Business

Identify your unique opportunities for growth, build a strategy to leverage them and then execute faster than you believed possible.

You know the business could do so much more but you don't know which hurdle or opportunity will get you the best results and how to make sure it gets executed on.

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When you don't have a way or time to identify and investigate the best strategy to grow your business, execution is just a waste of money and time.

We've seen it happen to many businesses. You're busy running your business during the day and at night you're sleepless worrying about the future.

We clarify the intangible elements about your customers, your competition, your market and your business then apply data and strategy to help you execute for real results that are unique for your success.

You have questions...

We find the answers, strategy and execution plan to answer those questions and get results. Letting you make faster, smarter, more profitable decisions for your business.

  • How do we increase profitability?
  • Which customers should we target more of?
  • How do we attract better partners for growth?
  • Can we increase prices and how?
  • Is our sales team and marketing aligned and leveraged?
  • What processes and systems will increase productivity and support growth?
  • How do we recruit and retain top talent to support our strategy?
  • How do we eliminate seasonality and supply chain strain?
  • What's the next best opportunity to level up the business?
  • How will we transition to the next generation or leadership team?
  • How do we position the business to sale?
  • Should we add or eliminate a product or service? 
  • We hear all these and more...
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The Future Proof Formula

Identify ‣ Investigate ‣ Implement


It's all about using data and assessment tools to identify the right decision to target at the right time . Without this step we are just wasting time and resources. 


Taking time to evaluate your customers, our competition, your partners, your market and your resources, then applying proven models to build real strategy.


Good intentions do not build successful businesses and they won't build yours. Have a detailed playbook, success metrics, team buy in and support to get the results your want.


  • Reduced wasted resources by 12%
  • Identified and targeted better customers, increasing margin by 19%
  • Captured 23% more market share
  • Made strategic downstream investment with confidence - reducing supply headaches expenses and increasing profit by 18%
  • Added 12 new critical hires while reducing  onboarding time and hitting quicker KPI results time
  • Successfully developed new mission and vision, team metrics and roles, communicated to get team buy in, and executed while still growing profits
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"I had the pleasure of working with Jeani on a strategic clarity project. She was a tremendous listener and facilitator, giving structure to our process and really bringing our team together around a common vision for the future of Latham Seeds. We were in a good position, but Jeani helped us strive for more and crystalize our vision for a plan to greatness."

Ryan Schon
General Manager

The truth is over 80% of businesses stall out and need a strategic path forward

Finding the right opportunity or hurdle to leverage is just the beginning but most businesses are not even sure how to do this and keep day to day operations going. This stall is not because the business isn't great, their product or services are not needed or even that they are "getting it wrong". They're stalled because it is hard to find the time and have the internal perspective and skill set to look outside your current situation, clarify the intangible and create a strategy and execution playbook to capitalize on.

Future proof your business with our proven process

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