StoryBuilt Marketing Funnel Bootcamp:

5 Weeks to a Profitable Digital Funnel


Stop feeling overwhelmed about where the next sale in your business is coming from and start focusing your most valuable asset -YOUR TIME- in the areas that need you most. 

Finally DESIGN, IMPLEMENT and LAUNCH a profitable automated marketing funnel that brings revenue into your business while you focus on everything else that needs your attention.

Imagine having that predictable revenue and being able to finally make decisions that aren't based on fear and overwhelm.

Get your spot in the next round of The StoryBuilt Marketing Funnel Bootcamp and have your FULLY completed and launched profitable funnel in 5 weeks.

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Stop working harder with only scattered results. 


You are working so hard for each small step forward you take in your business.

Let's face it, if you cannot clear time and space for working ON your business and serving your clients you will never get ahead. 

You need a way to leverage your efforts in the area of sales and marketing so that all that the work finally gets revenue and results that let you scale your business.

Here's what KJ had to say...

“As a small business owner sometimes I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. When I teamed up with Camilla-Jean it was because I knew I had to work ON my business. She has helped me see a WHOLE new side of being an entrepreneur. In my ever changing industry I've always felt like tomorrow was never a guarantee, but now I can confidently say we will be here for the long haul with Camilla-Jean in our corner. I am consistently growing my revenue without putting in more hours and I am more excited than ever about my business.” - KJ Wingett

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Get the predictable profitability in your business that will let you

Dream Bigger and Aim Higher

with confidence that you can make it happen.

Free Up Time

An automated funnel can free you up to focus on higher level sales, serving your clients better, working ON your business, and the things that really matter in life.

Consistent Profitibility

Build a loyal customer base that will take you from sleepless nights to "oversubscribed" with customers and clients that can't wait to get your product or service.

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Freedom To Grow

Mastering a profitable funnel in your business will let you scale or add other offerings connected to profitable funnels and finally have the confidence to claim new goals.

The Profitable Marketing Funnel Bootcamp

In five weeks will allow you to finally..

  • Generate consistent revenue in your business
  • Grow a list of ideal customers that align with the products and services you offer
  • Learn how and where to find ideal customers to fill your funnel and grow your business
  • Take customers on the perfect journey from being curious about your solution, intrigued to learn more and then finally to converting to your raving fans
  • Have the ability to leverage your customers into new offerings that can continue to solve their problems and increase your revenue
  • Build brand familiarity that allows you to learn and design future offerings to continue to leverage the relationships you have built
  • Supercharge your proactive sales efforts with an automated system
  • Reduce your stress and allow you the time and energy to focus on the reasons you started your business

 "You Shouldn't Have To Work So Hard That You Never Get To Enjoy The Impact and Legacy of Building a Profitable Business!"

Let's do this together!

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